Las Vegas Weddings: Valley of Fire

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For many years, Las Vegas weddings were seen hokey alternatives to the traditional, romantic wedding. When the phrase “married in Vegas” came up, people’s minds jumped to Elvis impersonators and Star Wars –themed weddings. Well, times certainly have changed. Yes, Vegas remains the prime destination for “alternative” weddings, but the options available have grown exponentially, and they include everything from the ultra-glamorous wedding to the intimate, romantic wedding. If it’s the second option you’re looking for, consider the Valley of Fire Wedding by Private Limousine, a beautiful and unique wedding option that you will truly remember for always.

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is the oldest state park in Nevada. Covering nearly 42,000 acres, it became a National Natural Landmark in 1962. The park is home to ancient trees, areas of petrified woods, and 3,000 year old Native American hieroglyphs. The park’s name is comes from the red sandstone formations, which were formed tens of millions of years ago; when the sun rays hit the sandstone, the rocks seems to become a fiery mass of burning red. The climate in the Valley of Fire is mild in the winter, and can reach up to 100°F in the summer; spring and fall are the ideal times to visit. The creosote bush, the burro bush, the brittle bush, the desert marigold, and several species of cacti are all found in the park, and animal sightings include the raven, the house finch, the kit fox, and the rare desert tortoise.

The Valley of Fire Wedding

Perhaps the best part of booking a wedding package is the sheer simplicity of it all. Rather than stressing over wedding parties, floral arrangements, and bonbonnieres, the bride and the groom are able to simply enjoy the special occasion. The Valley of Fire Wedding is a one-of-a-kind wedding option that includes transport by a private limousine, the services of a professional photographer, and all of the wedding license fees (excluding the marriage license fee). A limousine will pick up the couple from their hotel in Las Vegas, drive them to the courthouse to collect their marriage license, and then continue on to the Valley of Fire (approximately 45 minutes from Las Vegas). At the park, a licensed minister will preside over the ceremony, while a professional photographer captures the magic moments on camera. A decorated, six-inch cake will be given to the couple to celebrate the joyous occasion, on top of the traditional champagne.

Planning Your Valley of Fire Wedding

The basic Valley of Fire wedding package, which includes limousine service, photographer, wedding cake, champagne, bouquet and boutonniere, wedding certificate holder, and 100 photos, starts off at $472. There are many additional options that can be added to your package, including the one-hour or two-hour photography tour in the limousine, and the DVD option (where participants include a 5-7 minute DVD of their ceremony). The package is offered in English, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and German. Weddings are available from 8am to sunset; make sure to provide all of your preferences at the time of booking here.


Photo: J. M. Phelps

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